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Woof \Woof\ (w[=oo]f), n. [OE. oof, AS. [=o]wef, [=o]web, [=a]web; on, an, on + wef, web, fr. wefan to weave. The initial w is due to the influence of E. weave. See On, Weave, and cf. Abb.] [1913 Webster]
The threads that cross the warp in a woven fabric; the weft; the filling; the thread usually carried by the shuttle in weaving. [1913 Webster]
Texture; cloth; as, a pall of softest woof. --Pope. [1913 Webster]

Word Net

woof n : the yarn woven across the warp yarn in weaving [syn: weft, filling, pick]

Moby Thesaurus

cloth, drapery, etoffe, fabric, feel, felt, filling, finish, goods, grain, granular texture, indentation, knub, lace, material, nap, napery, nub, pick, pile, pit, pock, protuberance, rag, shag, shoot, silk, structure, stuff, surface, surface texture, textile, textile fabric, texture, tissu, tissue, wale, warp, weave, web, weft, wool


Etymology 1




  1. The sound a dog makes when barking
  2. Expression of strong physical attraction for someone.



  1. To make a woofing sound


Etymology 2

Middle English oof, owf < Old English ōwef, āwef < from ō- (on) + wef (web) < wefan (to weave) < Proto-Germanic *webanan (to weave) < Proto-Indo-European *webh-/*wobh- (to weave, to lace together).


  1. weft, the set of yarns placed crosswise in a loom, interlaced with the warp.




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  • (farming) Work on organic farm
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